This Photographer Won an Award After Capturing a Photo of Two Mice Fighting

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Sam Rowley won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award for his photo “Station Squabble.” If you don’t know Rowley, you’ll notice when you visit his website for the first time that he introduces himself by saying that he is “that mouse guy.” Rowley is known as “the mouse guy” because his winning photo captures two mice fighting over crumps of bread at London Underground Platforms.

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Image Credit: Sam Rowley – Station Squabble

A photographer’s dream is to capture the perfect photo, so photographers always walk around with their cameras, waiting for the right moment. Rowley’s photo is a good example that great photos can be found just around the corner. “Station Squabble” was selected from 25 shortlisted images.

Rowley has always been fascinated with the natural world. He wanted to share his passion with the world. As a little boy, he would steal his father’s camera and take photos. As he grew older, his passion for photography never waned.

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Image Credit: Sam Rowley

He works at the BBC Natural History Unit as researcher, camera assistant and drone pilot. He got the idea of his award-winning photo when he was sent a video of two mice fighting. For a week or so, he spent many nights at the London Underground Platforms waiting for a similar moment. Until one night, he met those two cute mice.

“Everybody knows about the mice on the Underground but I don’t think anyone’s seen them in that light before,” he said. Taking the winning photograph was not without its own set of challenges as he admitted that commuters gave him “strange looks” while he was on the floor trying to capture the photo. He was really lucky to capture the fight as it only took a couple of seconds.

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