This New Short Film Will Make Your Heart Beat

This New Short Film Is Taking Over The Internet For A Good Reason

These two artists realized that mourning today’s world conditions won’t lead them anywhere. Thus, they created a piece of art and managed to take over the internet literally “In a Heartbeat”. We are definitely in love with the new short film “In a Heartbeat” and here is why…

A school project turning into a life-changing film

This masterpiece is about a young boy struggling to control his feelings to another young handsome boy. In our point of view, the main character is the adorable jumping heart that controls the young boy’s emotions and actions and manages to make the two meet and recognize the chemistry between them. “In a Heartbeat” is originally a school project of Ringling College of Art and Design by the students Esteban Bravo and Beth David. However, it is no longer a school project and we believe it is going to be used to teach the new generation the true meaning of peace, love, tolerance, and acceptance.

If you have ever asked yourself what is it like to live in a community that doesn’t tolerate or understand, watch these 4 minutes and let your heart beat for a while.

Credit goes to: Facebook and Tumblr

The film has managed to capture hearts all over the world and its views on youtube have reached more than 23M.

There is no wonder Ellen DeGeneres is so fond of the film. She is an amazing human with a kind heart that knows nothing but love and mercy.

Image Credit: Facebook

Hats off to the amazing artists behind this film, Esteban Bravo and Beth David. Their work is a contribution to the world that will always be remembered as a courageous, brave, kind, and loving act. The filmmakers told HuffPost:  “When we first started working on this film, we knew that we didn’t want it to be preachy. Hopefully it’ll resonate with those who identify with this character — and for those who don’t, we hope they’ll gain an understanding for people who go through this experience.”




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