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This Artist Has So Much Power Over What Happens on TV Shows and Cartoons (Video)

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I’ve been following social media this week, and as always it is a gold mine of creative ideas. There is this artist who “disneyfies” pets photos. A group of artists, all over the internet, who paid tribute to the pregnant elephant who died after eating a deadly pineapple by honoring her with their beautiful drawings. There is also the artist who mixed drawings with Arabic calligraphy. Despite the fear, confusion, disruption of life, people have not stopped amazing us with their ingenious ideas. I believe a new art has been created. And there is no name for it yet.

This video was posted on Reddit 5 hours ago by user u/GGQT3 under the name “This is done perfectly” for lack of better words to describe what the video is really about. In the video, a TV show is on and also a cartoon. A hand is seen outside the screen. It acts as if it is controlling what is happening on screen. It’s done perfectly. The timing in the video is amazing, and it must have taken a lot of time to get it right. Think of how many times people have tried to have a picture of them taken while holding the sun, kissing the Sphinx, or trying to stop the leaning tower of Pisa from falling, and you’ll know why this video is so amazing.

I’ve enjoyed watching it. And I would love to watch more work from this artist. Tell us in the comments which section of the video you’ve enjoyed most?

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