This 3-Year-Old Dancing Boy will Leave you Speechless

3 Year Old Dancing Boy

Prepare to be left in a state of total amazement as you watch Zhang Junhao, from Shandong Province in China, as he struts his stuff. Appearing in what looks like a Chinese version of The X Factor, this little boy wows the audience right from the very moment he walks on stage. It is very difficult to put into words exactly just how impressive this young dancer is, but trust us when we say he is very special indeed. It is also so heartwarming to see someone so young totally unfazed when appearing in such a large gathering of total strangers. At no time does he seem even remotely ‘stage struck’ by the experience. In fact he revels in the occasion from start to finish. When you have this much ‘charisma’ as a child, you are left wondering what this young boy will be capable of achieving when he grows up.

The judges are so sweet with him, engaging him at his level and bringing the best out in him. When asked if he was alone he refers to the karaoke-type speaker he came on stage with as his ‘baby’ – something he is clearly attached to. Not only that, but the speaker is worked by a remote control, which Junhao gives to the judges to stop and start the music as they wish. When then asked why he liked dancing, his answer was as adorable as he is himself. He explained that when he dances, his mother laughs, and she told him that when she laughs, she is very happy. Well we can think of no better reason to dance, can you? And then comes the actual performance. We have no intention of talking about something which is hard to explain anyway, but keep a special eye out for the moment he goes into ‘robot mode’.

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