21 Unforgettable Things That Happened in 2020

Things That Happened in 2020
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We are waiting for 2021 with our fingers crossed. After all, 2020 has been a really long, rough year, and some would argue it’s been also the weirdest. For those who need to be reminded, a virus hit hard, and for the most part of the year, we stayed home. Life was disrupted in unexpected ways. In spite of everything, 2020 had its moments. This year was tragic, satirical, but most importantly, it was unforgettable. We wish you a happy new year, and hope that your 2021 turns out so much better than 2020. Now, let’s see a recap of 2020, some of the funniest, saddest, and weirdest things that happened this year in case you missed it.

#1 Prince Harry and Megan Said Goodbye to Royalty

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: sussexroyal

On January 8th, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle announced they were stepping down from their royal duties. Being part of the royal family is a dream of the masses. The prince and his wife surprised everyone with their unexpected decision. They were both no longer interested in being in the spotlight and wanted to lead normal lives. The news of Harry and Megan was one of the least surprising things that happened.

#2 The Bushfires in Australia Raged on

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: BBC

The bushfires started at the end of December 2019, but they continued until 2020. These bushfires were not new to Australia, but they were so devastating in 2020. For a long part of the year, people were scared. Poor us, little did we know that the bushfires, although disastrous, would be the least of our troubles. We had something worse in store for us.

#3 The Pandemic Started

Image Credit: CDC on Unsplash

This is something most of us don’t need to be reminded of. The coronavirus has affected everyone tremendously, and unfortunately, it’s probably going to stay with us for a little longer. 2020 is probably the year with so many changes to our lifestyle like working from home, homeschooling, online shopping, wearing masks, social distancing, and lots of Zoom meetings. Despite its tragic nature, the pandemic has taught us to be grateful and to know what truly matters.

#4 This Teacher Delivered Food to His Students

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Zane Powles

The coronavirus and the lockdown made 2020 a rough year. The thing is with hardships we often meet kindness. The lockdown meant everybody was safe at home from the virus, but there was another enemy raging outside: hunger. So Zane Powles, a teacher decided to help his students who qualify for the school’s free meals. He walked for many miles every day to deliver food to his students. Mr. Powles is a real hero.

#5 Big Poppa’s Photos Went Viral

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Rae Elle

It turns out humans were not the only ones feeling sad and depressed during the lockdown. Our furry friends are depressed too because they can’t go out. The thing is dogs unfortunately don’t get why they are locked at home. One dog owner took several photos of her dog, Big Poppa while he was looking extremely sad. His photos went viral, and netizens sent their love, sympathy, and good wishes to the dog. Don’t be sad, Big Poppa. This will be over.

#6 Reese Witherspoon Created a Popular Meme

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Reese Witherspoon

With everything that happened, we can all agree that it was a stressful year. To lighten things up, Reese Witherspoon, the famous American actress, created a meme to describe what 2020 is like. She posted her facial expressions to describe every month of the year starting from the so happy face in January to the not so happy face in September. Her meme became so popular other actors and actresses followed suit: Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis, etc. And before you know it, everybody was taking part in the #ReeseChallenge.

#7 A Pregnant Elephant Tragically Died

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: arjuns_art_of_range

In June, something terrible happened. It saddened everyone on the internet. A pregnant elephant died tragically in India after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers. The firecrackers were probably put by farmers who wanted to keep boars and pigs away. The vets couldn’t save the elephant. Artists on the internet honored the dead elephant and her baby through their beautiful artwork.

#8 Parasite Won Many Oscars

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: parasitemovie

If you’ve not watched Parasite yet, I totally recommend that you do. It’s a great Korean movie that made history this year. Parasite is the first foreign movie to win Best Picture, Beside Winning Best picture, Parasite won Best International Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Achievement in Directing.

#9 A Street Cat Named Bob Died

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Rankin/streetcatnamedbob

Bob, the lovely ginger cat that changed James Bowen’s life died. Before meeting Bob, James Bowen’s life was a big mess. He was a heroin addict, and he needed help and support. That’s when he met Bob, a stray cat that need a home. They supported each other. Bowen wrote a book about Bob, A Street Cat Named Bob, which was later turned into a movie, starring Bob. Sadly, their beautiful journey ended this year with the death of Bob. RIP, Bob.

#10 Courteney Cox Put Her Head Inside a Turkey, Again


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If you’re a Friends fan, you will probably remember the iconic episode where Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox, put her head inside a turkey and danced to make it up for Chandler because she hurt his feelings. Yes, she was the reason he was missing a toe. To cut a long story short, Monica Geller’s famous head inside turkey scene has become iconic during Thanksgiving. Actress Courteney Cox normally receives reminders of that scene every Thanksgiving. This year she decided to recreate it by putting her head inside a turkey again. Her Instagram video is going viral.

#11 Pollution Levels Dropped Significantly

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: ED Times

There is a good side to every bad situation, and although the virus doesn’t seem to have a good side to it at least for human beings, the planet breathed. Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Pollution levels dropped significantly. Our planet was finally given the chance to breathe and heal from all the damage we created over the years.

#12 We Got to See Photos of Empty Streets

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Rome’s Trevi Fountain / Reuters – Alberto Lingria

Because of COVID-19 and the lockdown, for the first time ever we saw photos of streets and some touristic attractions totally empty, something that is rare and unexpected. Cherish those photos because they are so unlikely to happen again.

#13 Green Puppies Were Born

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Reuters

Finally, something really cute happened in 2020. Two green puppies were born. The first one was born in Italy. Spelacchia, a dog gave birth to a five-dog litter. All her babies had white fur just like her except for Pistachio, who had green fur. In Philippines, another green puppy was born. He was called Wasabi, after the green spicy condiment from Japan. Both puppies look really cute, but the green color won’t last long.

#14 Missing Dog Found at the Most Unexpected Place

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: KMBC

This year we heard something totally unexpected. Cleo, a clever dog was lost, so she walked for 57 miles to reach her family house, only to end up at her old family house. She found different people living in the house, but luckily they contacted the owners who were surprised she walked that long distance and wondered how she remembered her old address. Well done, Cleo.

#15 Chadwick Boseman Died

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Chadwick Boseman

Marvel actor, Chadwick Boseman, sadly passed away this year on August after his battle with colon cancer. His death was shocking for many fans and on his birthday, Disney decided to honor him by adding a new opening credit to Black Panther movie, which Chadwick was part of. RIP, Chadwick.

#16 Parents Learnt to Appreciate Teachers’ Efforts

This year has taught all of us to be grateful and to appreciate the little things: hanging out with our friends, visiting family, seeing our work colleagues face to face, and most importantly dropping kids every morning to school so that someone else can take care of their education. Because of the pandemic, homeschooling has become so popular, or maybe, not so popular. Parents hate it. In this hilarious videos, parents share their frustration about having to homeschool their kids and also share their appreciation for teachers: the lovely angels we took so long for granted.

#17 Drive-in Movie Theaters Made a Comeback

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Photo by Jona on Unsplash

The lockdown drove everyone crazy, but still people wanted to go out and have fun. That’s when drive-in movie theatres made a comeback. If you think about it, it’s the perfect solution. People would be keeping their distance inside their car while watching great movies.

#18 Mike Tyson Came Out of Retirement

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, the famous American boxer who retired on 2005, announced earlier this year that he was coming out of retirement and planning to fight Roy Jones Jr. at an exhibition in Los Angeles. He eventually did. It was a draw.

#19 Elon Musk Became Richer Than Bill Gates

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: Bill Gates and Elon Musk

A lot of things changed this year, and one of them is the list of the richest people on earth. Just recently Elon Musk has overtaken Bill Gates and has become the world’s second richest person. He is an entrepreneur and investor who just earned 7.2 billion that contributed to him ranking second on that list. Tesla and SpaceX are owned by Elon Musk.

#20 Director and Illustrator of Tom and Jerry Died

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: fepoerba

This year we lost Gene Deitch, the man who made sure we had a great childhood. He was a director and an illustrator famous for directing several episodes of Tom and Jerry and Popeye the sailor. It is such a sad loss. Thank you, Gene Deitch. May you rest in peace.

#21 100 Beached Whales Were Saved

Things That Happened in 2020
Image Credit: BBC

More than 100 stranded whales on the beach were luckily saved in Sri Lanka. No one knows why those pilot whales got so close to the shore. They might have been following some fish. Pilot whales travel in groups. That was why so many of them got stranded. Luckily, the coast guard and the locals helped push those whales back into the sea.

A lot of events happened this year. We like it. We hate it. There is one thing we are sure of. 2020 will never be forgotten.

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