The Ultimately Luxurious Peters Residence by Rob E McQuay Architects & Associates

The Ultimately Luxurious Peters Residence 1


This elegant and earthy habitat built for desert dwellers was designed by Rob E McQuay Architects & Associates to capture the luxurious quality of the natural surroundings for custom home developer, Split Rock Development Company. It is no wonder why Split Rock decided to go with this 30 year veteran of the Southwest Contemporary esthetic as it fits perfectly within the Reserve neighborhood in Utah. The curved roof line flows artlessly with the encompassing terrain allowing for an easy going experience that invites us to look further.




Keeping with the muted colors of a desert sunset, the outdoor gradient from auburn to raw umber to russet then back again invokes a peaceful mood while floor-to-ceiling exposures allow for a practical embrace of natural lighting and regional flora echoing the understated palette of this masterpiece. Concrete walkways mark passage to this hidden gem leading up to a clad steel double-door entry that bespeaks luxuriousness.


Cheerfully warm is the adjective used to describe the hearth of its conjoining living space. With concrete floors, channel set windows and a cultivated metal fireplace, the softness of the loamy shaded carpet is well placed as is the taupe leather crescent seating highlighted by the pop of Venetian red. All of these elements are necessary when creating an inviting space amidst the desert’s extreme weather conditions asserting the architects desire to promote comfort and relaxation.





The invitation continues throughout the communal areas to the kitchen centerpiece giving an option to serve guests from either side of the space utilizing bar seating: a choice that screams function, practicality, and hospitality which represent everything that a host/hostess would crave when receiving guests. The steel beams and concrete flooring blends the kitchen to the alfresco entertaining expanse as guests heed the call of the wild. (Speaking of hospitality…high-five to the adjustable height barstools and recessed lighting that does not detract from outdoor nature watching!)

The enchanting hues continue into the food prep area as glass countertops offer a welcomed departure from the hardness that granite provides. Eco-friendly backsplashes tie in nicely with the natural mineral theme at play, but notice the geometric dance between the circular accents and angular art pieces: the entire estate flirts with hard and soft giving off an androgynous appeal that is difficult to accomplish. Side note: Trent Riplinger contributed a metal sculpture to be showcased in this desert beauty.


If you thought the allure had stopped at the common rooms, think again. The private areas of the Peters Residence are just as welcoming. The master bath, with its picturesque red mountain vistas, allows for what I would like to call “open privacy.” With the same floor-to-ceiling windows found all over the house, the vastness of the property provides complete concealment. One of my favorite features, although hard-pressed to narrow one down, is the “pump-like” faucet fixture, adjacent the slipper bathtub, reminiscent of a century old frontier well water pump. It allows for an old-town feel with a modernistic swag.



The master bedroom speaks to a southwestern mesa with its kiln-like fireplace and rustic ranges in the background. The wooden plank flooring lends well to the tree-sculpture growing from the bedroom floor, the modern sleek ceiling fan, and the simplicity of the space. Uncluttered by wall hangings or bedside furniture, there is nothing to interfere with the desert’s grandeur.



As the sun sets on the Peters Residence, the afterglow remains as a beacon of natural elegance.

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