The Sweetest Twin Babies ‘In Conversation’ [Video]

Twin Babies Chattering Away to Each Other

It is not until you are faced with the very obvious that you might begin to ask appropriate questions. Thanks to Jay Randall, who is the proud father of twins, we now might have an answer to one of those lifelong questions that up until now has gone unanswered. Do babies actually have a language all of their own? It would seem that it may very well be the case, and we have some great evidence. Thanks to Jay we have three incredibly funny videos to show you of his twin babies who seem to be quite content chattering away to each other just the way we would do as adults. It all seems so, well, so perfectly normal and natural. I guess we are not alone in liking these at Stylish Eve either as for the three videos Jay has a combined 135 million likes. No wonder these twins sound so pleased with themselves!

When we opened up the first video we didn’t really know what to expect. It didn’t take us long to realize that these two babies are actually chatting to each other. We know that it isn’t a specific language, but we are pretty sure that like animals, the message is contained in the tone of the voice. We think these two are seriously happy and curious children as they explore the amazing world around them, a room the rest of us just call the kitchen! We also loved the sense of humor shown in the comments section below the videos, where viewers were requesting subtitles, a translator and even if the video was available in English.

Suitably refreshed; wearing new fetching outfits – minus a tee and shoes, but with great new socks, our ‘chatterbox’ twins seem happy to resume where they left off in the magical world we adults call a kitchen. The conversation here is appreciably more animated though and has turned up a notch. It is so fascinating to see that not only are the vocals a little more animated, but there are now more obvious hand gestures involved. Clearly there are some very important points to be made here, like “Don’t you just love the silver handle on this door?” and “Yes I do, but actually I am more interested on the color of the floor right now.” And then we cracked it. The baby on the right is discussing how they want to be a ballet dancer when they grow up, while the baby on the left wants to play American football when they are older!

The third in the trio of videos from Jay Randall goes back to the beginning and where the talking first started – it seems that these two enjoy nothing more than just chillin’ and chewing the fat. It is one of those magical times in the lives of children when there just aren’t any barriers or inhibitions to making oneself understood. The way these two children have what seems to be a perfect understanding of each other is nothing short of remarkable, and here at Stylish Eve we sense that there will be a very strong bond between these siblings as they grow up. In the meantime, we just want to enjoy what they have to say for now…..

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