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This is Why Big Poppa is Feeling Really Sad

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Human beings and dogs crave connection and bonding. We love to be with other people, to engage in conversations, and have fun. Dogs are not any different. Look at any dog and you’ll realize almost instantly that being outside and getting noticed are what a dog craves the most.

Are you busy with work or maybe trying to watch some TV? I bet your dog won’t leave you alone. Its eyes will say, “Why aren’t you talking to me or why aren’t we going out, or maybe playing a game? When your dog comes to beg you for some action, you’ll do nothing but listen.

Now, what would you do if your dog was looking like this?

Credit: RaeElle

I guess Big Poppa is a great example of how pets feel during quarantine. Big Poppa is the three-year-old English bulldog, who’s been unhappily social distancing with Rashida Ellis, the owner who has posted on her twitter account the unhappy face of Big Poppa with the following caption:

“Big Poppa has been so sad today, I think he miss playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio.”

This picture of the grumpy Big Poppa has been liked by almost a million people and has been retweeted for 95000 times.

So, I guess Big Poppa got the sympathy he needed by looking so sad.

Do you think this is the only picture where he’s looking grumpy?



It looks like Big Poppa has been sitting regularly at the patio and wondering when will he be able to get outside to play with the kids? Pictures of Big Poppa have taken the internet by storm, so Rashida has been posting more pictures of him lately including this picture when he was just a little puppy.


People have commented on his grumpy picture and sent him so much love:


And others have suggested giving him gifts to cheer him up:


And others have shared their personal experience with their pets who are as sad and angry as Big Poppa:

This bored bulldog which seems to be enjoying cuddling.


And this one who seems extremely unhappy.

Credit: KevinLortz

Now, the quarantine is affecting everyone. We cannot go out or engage in our normal day to day life. Some people are handling it quite well and others are starting to feel depressed because they cannot meet their friends or family.

The Quarantine is Affecting Your Pets, Too

While we’re all trying to cope with our emotions during quarantine, no one has thought about how the quarantine is affecting our furry friends who are being locked with us and have no clue why they are punished and not allowed to go outside. It can be quite depressing and sad for your pet to be deprived of its daily routine as well.

So, if you’re busy working at home, take some time of your day to have fun with your pet and remember pets miss being outside as much as we all do.

You Can Get More Photos of Big Poppa

Now if you want to learn more about Big Poppa and how he’s doing during quarantine and what his world will be like after, you can follow him on Facebook. Yes, Rashida Ellis has created a Facebook page for Big Poppa.

We really hope to see the look on Big Poppa’s face when he gets to go out and play outside with the kids when all this is over. Stay strong, Big Poppa. This is going to be over.

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