The Miracle of Human Creation

The Miracle of Human Creation

The miracle of life will never cease to amaze, whether it is human or another form of life. It is also something that we know how it is created, but we never really get to see what really happens, except when the occasional ultrasound scan is taken and a grainy black and white photograph given to us as a memento. I also look back to the days of biology lessons in school and remember seeing sketches of a baby in a womb, but it looked more like an alien than a real baby. How different things are today thanks to modern technology, CGI (Computer Generated Image) reproductions and a fuller understanding of what actually occurs during a pregnancy, this result is an amazing video. No longer do we need to look at fuzzy images in books when we can watch the miracle of life unfolding before our very eyes on a screen.

There is no need to go through a description of the whole process – you can see it all here. However it is difficult not to reflect once you have watched the video. How incredible life is and how we transform from an egg into a fully grown baby ready to start our life in the ‘outside’ world. The creator of this video clearly has a full understanding of the enormity of the creation of life as they have chosen a very stirring soundtrack to go with it. If you were in any doubt before, this is a very important and meaningful video. How cool it is as a parent to know that when it comes to explaining the birds and the bees, or facts of life to your children, you will be able to use such a fantastic video as this one.

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