The Incredible Kasperzak Family all Practising Yoga

Laura Kasperzak and Her Family Practice Yoga 1


You may well know about Laura Kasperzak, who is also known as @laurasykora on Instagram, and seen images of her practising yoga with her young daughter, who she refers to as ‘my mini’. Well where Laura is concerned, this is definitely a family affair as here we are introducing photographs of Laura practising yoga with her daughter, and also with her husband and her son too, so that makes all four of them! We love the way this woman not only has such commitment to yoga herself, but how she works hard to involve her whole family in it. Since she started posting photographs of herself practising yoga on Instagram just over a year ago, Laura now has over 1 million followers, and we’re pretty sure that will soon top the magical two million mark.

Laura has been married to her husband for over ten years now, and she admits it hasn’t all been plain sailing. However, since involving him more in her yoga life, she is keen to point out that yoga definitely helps to bond them, and especially with what she calls acroyoga. She and her husband have been practising it for over a year, and she now includes the younger members of the family in it as well. Laura makes it evidently clear it is great to do a variety of forms of yoga together and she says it helps to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere between everyone. We know that very soon Laura is due to release some new photographs on Instagram of her husband and her son, who she refers to as ‘mini-man’, creating their interpretation of many of the images we have shown of Laura and her ‘mini’, her daughter, practising yoga. Based on these fantastic images of the whole family, we can’t wait to see the new ones when they are released so we can do another article on this great yoga family.










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