The Heartwarming Friendship Between a Blind Dog and a Fellow Canine Will Melt Your Heart

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A Blind Dog Gets Unconditional Love and Support

A blind dog is kind and loyal like any other dog but it just needs a lot of love and support. We all know that dogs are the kindest creatures on earth. No one who’s ever seen dogs around their families can have any doubt about that. They love unconditionally, and are willing to sacrifice their lives without having any second thoughts for the sake of their families.

This family had a challenge when their pet Tao lost his sight. And like any loving family, they wanted to give Tao the best care he needed. And what could be better than getting him another dog to take care of him? [h/t: cesarsway]

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Image Credit: Tao

These amazing creatures show love and kindness to their fellow canines. The heartwarming story of Tao and Oko is a great example of this. Unfortunately, Tao – the lovely golden retriever – suffered from Glaucoma, a condition that lead to losing his eyesight. Melanie, Tao’s owner, warns other pet owners from the dangers of Glaucoma. She says Tao’s loss of eyesight could have been avoided if only it had been caught early.

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Image Credit: Tao
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Image Credit: Tao

While this may sound like a sad, sob story about the poor dog, it really is not. It has been turned into a touching story because of what happened afterwards. Simply put, Tao was met with kindness. He got the support he needed from a fellow dog, Oko, who helps him find his way in the darkness. Seeing the two together is touching. There is nothing like it. Oko walks Tao around every single day. They do everything together. And their photos say what no words are capable of expressing. Tao has more than 30k followers on Instagram. The two dogs are popular and famous because of the strong bond they have.

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Image Credit: Tao

Service dogs are special dogs. They, like any other dogs, capable of loving unconditionally, but they are more important than that. They offer physical and emotional support to those in need so that they can thrive and live their lives to the full. A lot of stories show how dogs can be supportive like this dog that the university gave a degree for attending every class with its owner and helping her throughout because of her medical condition.

Stories about dogs are always heartwarming. It’s no secret we love dogs so much. We hope you enjoyed this post about Tao and Oko, and if you want more stories about how kind dogs are, this post is for you.

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