The Funniest Animal Video Clips on the Planet [Video]

Funniest Animal Video Clips

If you’ve ever wondered how it is possible to lose a couple of hours when you are on the Internet, this video will go part way towards explaining it. This is one of those videos that we know everyone loves to watch because you never know what you are going to see next, but there is every possibility it will make you laugh. There is something so addictive about watching animal behavior, especially when it is interspersed with what we see as human characteristics. Perhaps what also interests us so much is the fact that many of these animals are behaving in a way we wouldn’t anticipate. Whether they have learned their behavior from us, or whether it is inherent in their nature we will never know, but one thing is for sure, we could watch videos full of clips like these for hour after hour!

Certainly from big ones to small ones, cats play an important role in this selection. From a tiger-sized swipe to launch your buddy into the water, or a well-timed paw to divert food in a better direction, it is clear cats are probably more intelligent than we probably give them credit for. The cat clip that surprised us most though was that of the cat sat on top of the robot vacuum cleaner as a bemused dog looked on. Of course dog lovers will also have their favorites on here, and ours was the dog sliding the chair sideways just as its owner was about to sit down and eat, rather than wear their dinner! As for our favorite clip of the lot – well that had to be the sheep lining up the fisherman for an early bath! So now you know which ones we loved, why not tell us which your favorite clip was.

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