The 2014 Rosa Clara Two Promotion Bridal Collection

Rosa Clara Two Promotion 201 Bridal Collection 01


The 2014 Rosa Clara Two Promotion Bridal Collection is simply stunning. The designer’s artistry can be easily seen and felt in all of the dresses, especially those with intricate lace overlays. For the wedding gowns that are not covered in lace, the artistry is also quite apparent in the texturing of the fabric, which is done in such an exquisite way that the dress can be admired even from afar. Other things that stand out in this collection are the classic accents of diamond-enhanced broaches, clasps, and closures. These do not overpower the dress or the bride, as they are perfectly placed and aesthetically pleasing. A wonderfully unique thing about this collection is that it includes wedding dresses that will suit every bride’s style. For the bride who wants to share her beautiful figure, there are form-fitted dresses that cheerfully hug her body in all the right places. She can also choose a dress with a plunging neckline, and a suggestive side slit.


Moreover, there are some other choices for the more demure bride-to-be. She can select a dress that is more relaxed in style, and if she prefers to be more covered than revealing, she can conceal one, or both shoulders with either narrow or broad straps. The 2014 Rosa Clara Two Promotion Bridal Gown Collection includes rich and classic Hollywood styles, grand ballroom gowns, and dresses that give the bride the appearance of a Grecian goddess. All of which are sure to please anyone who aspires for a romantic wedding. The designer’s use of soft fabrics, beautiful beading, and elaborate designs makes this collection truly striking. Such a creative bridal collection will certainly give any bride the fairy tale wedding she has been dreaming of.













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