20 Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
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It’s this time of the year again. We give thanks, count our blessings, and eat delicious food. Thanksgiving is here. It’s time for turkey and pumpkin pie. Everybody is busy in the kitchen. After all, this lovely holiday dates back to 1621 when the pilgrims were grateful for their first harvest in Plymouth Rock. We are grateful for the great food, but there is more to this holiday than the kitchen.

Spare some time to create thanksgiving crafts for kids. If you think about it, crafts can teach kids a lot about this holiday. And in the process, they will also learn to appreciate what truly matters. Thanksgiving crafts don’t have to be difficult. We picked some easy ones for you to make so you can impress the kids with your skills without having any troubles. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to the little ones in your family.

Let’s see some of the Thanksgiving crafts you can make with the kids this year:

#1 Paper Turkey

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

This cute paper turkey from Easy Peasy and Fun is really easy to make. You’ll need construction paper (brown and white), colored sheets of paper (yellow, orange, and red), coloring supplies, scissors and glue. You can draw the turkey yourself, cut it, and add it to the construction paper, or you can print this template. Cut the colored paper to strips, glue them to the white paper and glue the turkey. Here you go. The kids will be thrilled.

#2 No-Sew Sock Turkey

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

For this good-looking sock turkey, no sewing skills are required. What a relief for everybody. Here’s what you’ll need: a sock, felt (in different colors), wiggle eye stickers, scissors, hot glue gun or felt glue, rubber band, and rice. Fill the sock with rice, tie it in the middle with the rubber band. Cut the felt and glue it to the sides and stick the wiggle eyes, and you got yourself a turkey.

#3 Thanksgiving Apple Turkey

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

It’s one of those times the kids can eat the craft if they are bored. It’s a win-win situation. For this Apple Turkey, you’ll need a large apple, marshmallow, raisins, spice drops, candy corn, red fruit snack or red gummy candy, and toothpicks. Well, stick the toothpicks to the apple and add the spice drops to create the appearance of turkey feathers. For the turkey face, stick the marshmallow in the front of the apple. You have raisins, candy corn, and red fruit snack. So, get creative with the rest of the face.

#4 Thanksgiving Banner

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Pink Stripey Socks

To get started, you’ll need paint chips, straws, washi tape, popsicle sticks, and a strand of yarn. Cut the straws and decorate them with washi tapes. cut the paint chips in shape of letters, create stars from gluing popsicle sticks together, and finally tie everything together with yarn.

#5 Paper Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: DIY Inspired

Pick orange and green colored paper, get a paper cutter, double-sided tape, hot glue, sticks, twine, and scissors. Cut the colored paper into equal width of 1.5″ and different lengths (one 7″ strip, two 9″ strips, and two 11″ strips). Fold the colored paper in accordion strips, glue the sides to create a circle of each strip. Put the 7″ strip on top and glue the top of it to close the circle, then glue all circled strips together in the following order: 7” on top, then 9”, then 11”, then 11”, then 9” on the bottom. On the top, glue the stick, colored paper in shape of green leaves, and twine. Now, you have a cute paper pumpkin.

#6 Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Bren Did

Bren Did website offers a printable cootie catcher with thanksgiving questions for the family to share, and instructions on how to fold the cootie catcher. You can either print it colored or in black and white and then you can color it with the kids.

#7 Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Arty Crafty Kids

This thanksgiving craft is so easy for younger kids. Buy green and orange tissue paper and PVA glue. Either draw a pumpkin or print a pumpkin template and add glue to it. Tear the tissue paper and roll it and then glue it to the pumpkin template.

#8 Book Page Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Creations by Kara

This book page pumpkin is from Creations by Kara website, where Kara says she buys damaged books for projects like this one. No one wants to kill a good book for a pumpkin. Let’s see what you’ll need: paper and pencil, scissors, paperback book, hot glue gun, glue, spray paint, stick for stem, and scrap of ribbon.

First, remove the book cover. Get a paper and cut out a shape of a pumpkin as a template to use when cutting the pages of the book. Hold the pages of the book together with glue. To add color to it, spray it with paint. Don’t spray too much paint. You don’t want to drench the pages. Add a stick to the pages and tie a ribbon to it. Cutting pages of a book is not easy for younger kids. They can help you to glue the pages together.

#9 Thanksgiving Painted Rocks and Leaves

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Handmade Charlotte

This craft is really easy, and all you’ll need is acrylic paint, paintbrushes, rocks, pine cones, and leaves, and let the kids go artistic.

#10 Pumpkin Mason Jars

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: The 36th Avenue

Pumpkin mason jars look lovely. Here’s how you can create those jars yourself. You need mason jars, brown spray paint, orange acrylic paint, brown acrylic paint, fall colors card stock, embossing tool, scissors, glue gun, glue stick, wood pegs, and white spray paint primer.

Spray the jar lids with paint, spray the jars with white paint and then use acrylic paint on the spray. This way the colors stick better on the jars. Cut the card in shape of a leave, fold it in half and use the embossing tool to create vines. Wrap thin strips of card stock on a pencil to create curls. Paint the wood peg and glue the leaves to it. Attach the leaves and the peg to the lid. Now, you have your perfect Thanksgiving mason jars.

#11 Felt Turkey Glove Puppet

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Dream a Little Bigger

Any glove that you don’t need will do. And buy felt in different colors. You’ll also need a glue gun. Cut the felt in different shapes like the picture above to create feathers, beak, and turkey wattle. Glue the felt to the glove.

#12 Pumpkin Handprint Card

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Fungal Fun for Boys

This one is fun and easy. You’ll need construction paper, glue, a card, and paint. Draw a pumpkin, cut it and attach to the card. Use your kids handprint after you paint it and for the pumpkin stem, use one finger print. Here you go. So simple.

#13 Gratitude Calendar

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Woman’s Day

For this gratitude calendar craft, you’ll need an empty frame, color the leaves with paint and clip them. For each day, let the kids write something they are grateful for and add it under the numbered leaf. You can read what everyone is grateful for together at the end of the month.

#14 Fall Leaf Painting

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Minne Mama

Get some leaves and tape them to paper, let the kids color around them. Use whatever colors you like and when they are done, remove the leaves and you’ll have a nice drawing like the one above.

#15 Corn Wreath Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: 1 Pure Heart

You’ll need the following material for this thanksgiving craft: white and green construction paper, yellow, orange, red and brown paper, the famous bubble wrap that all kids and grown ups love, and twine. To give appearance of kernels on a corn cob, we used bubble wrap to paint construction paper. After the paint dried, we cut construction paper in the shape of corn and then added the green paper to make corn husks. We clued the corn on a piece of cardboard to make a corn wreath then we used twine to hang it.

#16 Paper Strip Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Housing a Forest

For this thanksgiving craft, you need feathers, orange ribbon, brown, white, black, yellow, and red paper, scissors, and glue. Cut and glue brown paper strips, for turkey legs cut 2 strips of orange ribbon. Glue eyes, beak, and snood, then add the colored feathers and you have this cute turkey craft.

#17 Feathered Friend

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Parents / Kathryn Gamble Lozier

This one is easy. You’ll make the turkey purely from construction paper. You’ll need the following material: construction paper (in brown, yellow, red, white, and black), patterned paper, scissors, and stickers. Cut construction paper to make the turkey. Make the feathers from the patterned paper and stickers. Now, blindfold your kids and ask them to pin the feathers to the turkey.

#18 Buttoned-up Bird

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Parents / Jason Donnelly

This little turkey looks so good it is worth your efforts. This is what you’ll need to create it: 2 Styrofoam balls, feathers, flowers, buttons, googly eyes, wire, ribbon and tag. Put the small Styrofoam ball on top of the bigger one and cover the two Styrofoam balls with buttons. Create turkey feet from the wire. Add the feathers to the back of the turkey’s head. Write Happy Turkey Day or Happy Thanksgiving Day on the tag on the turkey’s neck. Glue the flowers for eyes, nose, and add googly eyes.

#19 Thanksgiving Bowling

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Make and Takes

Let’s play some bowling. Bring your plastic bowling set (or plastic soda bottles), a small football, craft feathers, tape, craft foam shape stickers, scissors, and a black pen. Tape the feathers to the bowling balls, cut craft foam to the shape of eyes and beak as in the picture above. Draw black dots for eyes. Now you have great and easy to make turkey bowling that the kids will love.

#20 Light Bulb Turkey

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
Image Credit: Crafts by Amanda

This is one of the cutest thanksgiving crafts to try with the kids. You’ll need burnt out light bulb, small straw hat, 2- 1 1/2″ wood hearts, acrylic paint in the following colors: brown, orange, white and black, red and orange felt, small silk flower, 6-8 fall colored feathers, washer, hot glue gun, paint brush, acrylic sealer spray, white craft glue, and pattern.

Paint the light bulb with brown and the wood hearts with orange. Cut the turkey beak and the waddle from the colored felt. Use glue to stick the flower to the straw hat. Glue the two hearts together so they make the shape of the turkey feet. Use white craft glue (better here than hot glue) to attach washer to the hearts. This is where you’ll put the light bulb. Hot glue the hat at the top of the light bulb. Paint the eyes white with the brush. Don’t add the black part of the eyes until the paint is dry. Finally, glue the beak and waddle below the eyes. Hot glue feathers at the back. You’re done.

Creating thanksgiving crafts for kids is a great way for them to discover this amazing holiday and to have fun at the same time. Those crafts are really easy to make. Remember, thanksgiving is not all about the food. Go artistic with the kids and try your hands at those amazing crafts. Now if you enjoyed reading this post and would love to try your hands at different DIY projects, you may also like our easy and budget-friendly DIYs to Upgrade Your Wardrobe.

Enjoy every moment of this holiday with your loved ones. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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