Thalasso Twins’ Baby Bath By Sonia Rochel – Perfecting the ‘Gentle Touch’

Thalasso Twin Baby Bath By Sonia Rochel

There is something quite remarkable about watching Sonia Rochel bathing these new-born twins. This is proof, if proof were needed, that new-born children need not be subject to the shock of entering the ‘real world’ with nothing to comfort them. Sonia Rochel, an experienced French new-born baby nurse, has spent many years developing and perfecting what she calls her Thalasso Bain Bébé technique, which literally translates into Sea Baby Bath, though here she does not use salt water. Rochel is gaining a worldwide following for her remarkable way with new-born babies and a number of videos show what a truly magical touch she has, including her magical bathing of a single new-born baby. However here she is demonstrating that what is good enough for one baby is just as good for two!

Once you have taken in the true wonder of what you are looking at, only then might you be able to understand why the babies seem to be so totally relaxed and comfortable. Rochel’s experience has taught her that the only ones who can tell her what to do are the babies themselves. In a recent interview she explained that even a new-born baby has a lot to say for itself, but we have never had the time to listen to them, instead choosing only to hear a noise without questioning the reason for it. In one instance, knowing nothing about a baby, she tried to use her Bain Bébé technique, but was met with much resistance and a very distressed baby who was intent on screaming the whole time.

Sonia approached the midwife to enquire if there was something in the medical history of the mother, only to discover that she was a heavy smoker and drank. At that point Sonia understood perfectly what the baby was crying about and believed, like for every baby, it had a right to express itself and to be heard. She then returned to the baby bathing room and second time around, having had the chance to ‘let off steam’, the baby was totally relaxed and calm, just like the twins you have seen in the previous video.

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