Terrace Decorating Ideas in Provence Style

Provence is a region in France that is very famous for its beautiful flowers and their colors that are so eye catching and unique. If you want to enjoy this atmosphere, then all you have to do is decorate your own terrace in Provence style. Provence style is characterized by being simple like the country style, and lots of flowers and plants are available which give the perfect atmosphere to your terrace. Here, we present you amazing ideas on how to decorate your terrace in Provence style to make it the perfect place to spend time outdoors and enjoy a nice breeze while drinking your tea and having a piece of cake. These designs are all very simple and can be easily done in any terrace, and you can take the ideas you like and mix them as long as the resulting look is decorative. A small outdoor dining set is perfect in this case, and since Provence style is used, the table and chairs are very simple and made with curved metal legs and back; this look matches very well with Provence style. Use colored cushions that have beautiful, lively prints on them, and add a flower vase on the table with flowers matching the colors of the cushions, also use colored pottery on the table to compete the overall ambiance. Decorate your table using a colored table cloth, and make some innovative ideas for the decoration of the table like adding a menu that’s totally handmade, adding fruits in various colors, juices, and other colorful stuff. Have a lovely message written on wood, for example, and hang it on one of the chairs for a cozy feeling like “welcome” or “home sweet home”. Everything in this style is about flowers and colors as you can see. Be creative, mix and match whatever touches or decorations that you like and make your own lovely terrace that is as simple and lively as Provence style.

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