Terrace and Garden Designs For Stylish Outdoor

Amir Schlezinger has lately launched his creative design of modern decoration for terrace and garden. The design consists of a fireplace, a dining table with chairs, a waterfall and two lounge chairs in a simple contemporary style and warm colors. The fireplace is taking a corner shape; it’s original with its dark wood finishes and white stones inside of it which gives it a very stylish look. The soft lighting coming from it makes you feel warm and relax. The dining table and chairs are installed in the center of the fireplace so you can enjoy a dinner in a charming and romantic ambiance. The waterfall is also designed in modern style and looks very beautiful. Its base is made of granite and it has interior lighting. The floor is made of hardwood with painted stripes which is making a harmony with the modern design and furniture. This design looks amazing in the morning with dense trees around of it, and at night it looks romantic and charming with soft lighting coming through the fireplace, the waterfall and even trees are equipped with some interior lightings. If your home is furnished and decorated in a modern style, why don’t you add this modern look also to your roof or your garden by applying this creative and original design?.

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