Taylor Swift Pink Hair Color for 2012

Dear fans, have you ever imagined the sophisticated and talented singer Taylor Swift wearing pink hair?! I know that some of you may say, “Oh no, I’ve never imagined that at all!” while others may say, “Of course, I’ve imagined that! You can consider it like a dream or something!” Let me tell you that your dream has become real! Ladies, she’s done it! Taylor debuted messy pink dip dyed shoulder length hair locks while filming her new music video, “I Knew You Were Trouble”. I can imagine some of you, specifically the ones of the first group, saying, “Pink what?! and shoulder length! oh no!” Two shocks at the same time!!! I know that you’re about to ask me two questions which are, “Has she cut her long hair locks?” and “How has she looked like while wearing this bold color or ‘do in general?”

Although the first question is out of our main concern here, let’s answer it. Actually, there isn’t a clear answer to it till now, I mean none can tell whether Swift has cut her long tresses or has just worn a wig! On the other hand, concerning the second question, you need to know that her look has been neither less bold nor edgy than the color itself! This means that the star has gone so, so far from her usual heartbreakingly elegant, glamorous and chic look and opted for another different one which could be described by nothing other than punk and sort of wild! What a real transformation, isn’t it?! I, myself, think that she’s so smart to update her 2012 lookbook with that hair color! What about you, our precious readers? Do you like or loathe this makeover?!



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