Taylor Swift New Hair Color 2012

I’ve told you before that 2012 seems to be the year of dramatic and unexpected makeovers, do you remember that?! For sure, some of you do remember while there are others who don’t remember or even know when I’ve said such a thing! Anyways, it doesn’t really matter as I’ve said it again! Today, I bring a big surprise for you all especially the fans and followers of the gorgeous singer and occasional actress Taylor Swift. By the way, like usual, that surprise is related to her hair and nothing else. That’s made me to ask you; do you think it’s a new hair style, cut or color?! Hu, think! Smart me, you can figure out directly from the topic’s title that it’s definitely about a new hair color. So the reasonable question has to be which hair color do you think she has opted for?! I can guess that many of you are going to say; ‘Crazy you! Undoubtedly, she has opted for dying her long hair with any shade of the blonde color!’. I don’t want to ruin your hopes or dreams, but i have to tell you that this time she hasn’t opted for that color even it’s her most, most favorite one. Just before I’m going to reveal what her new hair color is, I have to tell you to prepare yourself for being greatly shocked. Ok, don’t believe me, but remember that i told you! People, Taylor has dyed her shiny long hair locks brunette. Yup, brunette! Dramatic makeover, isn’t it?! Of course, it’s! None of us can deny that.

Despite that, she still has the same gorgeous, awesome and sexy look! You can say that different hair colors, but the same look. I know that you’ve many questions flowing in your minds as; how have you known that?, where have you seen her wearing a dark brunette hair?, how has it been styled? and others. Also, I’m sure that some of you may have another question which is; ‘Is it a wig?!’. Okay, starting with the last one, I guess that it’s not a wig at all. Maybe, I’m wrong and you’re right. Concerning the first couple of questions, I have to tell you that she has revealed her new hair color during the photo session of the new Covergirl magazine cosmetics ads which all we know that she’s been the main star of. During that session, her brunette hair has been seen on the straight and soft curly styles which have been nothing but gorgeous, stunning, sexy and alluring like usual! I guess that by that way, I answered all of the questions that might come across your minds and now is your turn. Yup, my ladies, I’m going to leave you with few but sort of confusing questions and consider that I’m waiting for your answers. The first question is ‘Do you think that she’s going to make a U-turn and back to her trademark blonde hair?’. The second one is ‘Do you expect that she’d opt for more drastic changes by cutting her hair or styling it in a brandy new way?!’. Just it!! I think that now is the time of saying goodbyes..

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