Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Today’s topic is all about the hairstyles of one of the most famous young stars in USA who has been known by her glamorous and super feminine looks besides her humbleness, cheerfulness, stunning voice and at last but not least great talent. Can you guess who she is?! It doesn’t need much thinking. Just look at the title and instantly, you are going to know that Taylor Swift is one who I’m talking about! Since day 1 in her career life, Swift has managed herself to make her long, blonde hair like the completing piece of all her fabulous looks. Let me tell you that sometimes she has shown that it might be the most essential piece! Before starting to mention some of her various hairstyles, let me tell you very important two things. The first one is that she has dyed her hair once brunette and the second is that sometimes her hair is seen on the medium length not just the long one. I have to say those couple of tips to relieve my conscience and of course to put you in the picture! Now, let’s start the real work. ”Curls, curls, waves, curls, straight, waves, curls, straight, straight, waves, etc.”, that’s what you would say when you take a look at the diverse haircuts she worn in the different occasions, events, TV shows and on stage or red carpets! Since her beginnings, she has proven to the whole world that she’s great fan of any sort of the curls & waves especially the loose, spiral, natural and soft ones. That’s besides making benefit of the sultry and sexy look of the straight hair whether it’s super sleek or combined with some loose curls or waves! Whether her hair is straight, curly or even wavy, she’s been able to style it in various stunning and glamorous ways. One of the most sultry and stunning styles that Swift has dressed her hair is the flowing hairstyle. As most of you know that in such a hairstyle, the woman or girl lets her hair flows down on her back or shoulders which gives her very sexy look. Sometimes Taylor sweeps her hair aside instead of letting it freely flowing which gives her much more glam and sexier look at least that’s how i see it!

Besides, she has sported different simple and soft, yet sexy styles of the ponytails such as; low, midi height, side swept and wrapped ones. Of course, I don’t have to remind you that some of those ponys have been sported with a straight hair while others with either curly or wavy hair, right?! In addition, Taylor has also worn the simple and sweet side swept classic braid more than once. In fact, it has given her very sweet, youthful and alluring look. Let’s not forget to mention that she has worn diverse styles of the updos as; loose, side swept, pinned, braided updos besides buns as well. Some of them have been so casual and modern while the others have been super chic and classy. Plus all of those glam and fab haircuts, she has not forgotten to stun us more by wearing the retro curly or finger wavy faux bob haircuts. Let me tell you that that sort of haircuts has deceived many of her fans thinking that she has shorten her hair, but that it’s not true. It’s the faux bob effect and nothing more! Do you see all of the last mentioned hairstyles? Okay! I have to tell you that all of them have been combined with either the blunt or side swept bangs which have added a lot to our beloved star’s look. Another thing you have to know about those bangs is that some of them have been straight sleek while others have been curly or wavy as well! Yet another thing that you need to know is that most of them have also come with different elegant and youthful hair headbands. My dear ladies, why are you still sitting in your places?! We’re done. So go and take a look at the attached pictures of Taylor Swift’s hairstyles. May you find the one that suits you, your face shape, hair texture and personality as well. Don’t forget to put the type of the place or occasion you’re going to wear it in your considerations. Anyway, if you find it, nothing to do more than sporting it and showing the whole world how sexy and glam you’re!

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