Sustainable Krimotat House by MPR Design Group


New South Wales, Australia, boasts three items of interest to us: the Sydney Opera House, the $29M estate of the South African Krok brothers and, since 2012, the Krimotat House designed by the MPR Design Group. Bold choices and a contemporary sustainable design help identify the bones of this home in the Australian State of Vaucluse. A stark white exterior introduces us to the level of esthetics we should hope to find throughout the project. Pristine lines and meticulous architecture draws us into the team’s collaborative efforts.



Multi-level platforms at the front of the residence excite our ocular senses and are well offset by the natural wood planked garage door and other wooden accents. To the rear of the home, an expansive lap pool is both utilitarian and practical, seeing how it allows for extended open-lawn space for having fun. A covered al fresco area makes the most of the backyard, while inside, floor-to-ceiling windows offer undisturbed views of the well-manicured garden and landscape beyond.



The deep chocolate hue of the interior walls blends well with the nutty toned natural wood flooring, while spots of white accentuate the kitchen and eating areas to create an interesting contrast – the combination of colors brings to mind a delicious S’mores sandwich! Hanging light fixtures, coupled with recessed lighting set along a protruding platform ceiling, ensure ample illumination for this communal area. Customized refrigerator cabinet doors maintain the continuity in the space, while near-invisible fiberglass seating blends in naturally to the design and color palette. Chic rectilinear forms provide a trendy touch. Side Note: For those of you who do not know, an S’mores sandwich is made by layering Graham crackers, marshmallows and a simple chocolate bar!


The openness of the design gives the illusion of grandeur, and built-in fixtures throughout encourage the impression of a uniform and fluid structural design.

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