Sunrise Coigney Goes Brunette – 2013 Oscar Awards

Sunrise Coigney New Hair Color 2013 1


Sunrise Coigney has definitely said goodbye to her sexy sunny locks!! Yep, my precious readers; the French-American actress has traded her signature hair color for another hue. What is it?! Okay, let me give you a simple hint: Just think of the most popular hue that a lot of the blonde stars have opted for since 2013 started. Huh? Did you know it? Brrr..u..nette? Exactly, beauties; the beautiful star has gone brunette.

Shocking makeover, isn’t it?! Of course it is! Have you ever expected it? I’m sure that your answer is going to be, “Big NO!” Anyway! Sunrise unveiled her newly dark brown tresses on the red carpet of the 2013 Oscar Awards. Aha, ladies, at the Oscars! Well, okay, I know what you want to say. So yes, it’s a little bit late to talk about this hair makeover now, but it’s better to be late than never, right?!


Anyway, the biggest question to be asked right now is: Why has she ditched her trademark blondlocks? The answer is that the star felt that she’d better shake the things up a little bit, after being blonde for 17 years. Nope, precious readers, those aren’t my words at all! This is just a part of what Coigney said to Allure magazine at the NYC Premiere of Mark Rufflo’s new movie “Now You See Me”, on May 21, when they asked her how she felt after being a brunette and why she went for it. She also told them that her husband, Mr. Rufflo, had been asking her to do that, thus she did it! As you can figure out, the actress is definitely in love with her new hair color. So what about you, Stylishevers?! Do you love Sunrise more as a Blonde or a Brunette? Tell us in the comments!


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