Sunless Tanning by Victoria’s Secret

No need to sit for hours trying to reach the perfect tan while using tons of products to absorb the sun rays which actually harms your skin after hours of being exposed to the sun, so why harm your skin when you can get the perfect tan & glow without the sun damage with Victoria’s secret sunless tanning products. To make sure that you look your best in the easiest way, Victoria’s Secret give you glamour at your reach so they give you; Beach Sexy™ “instant self tan lotion with tint, instant bronze body spray, bronze shimmer body powder, keep glowing tan extend body moisturizer or the tan enhancing shimmer lotion with tint “. You’ll also get the irresistible tan that will make the opposite sex melt with Booty Parlor™ Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer with Pheromones that contains bust firming formula, reduces signs of aging, tightens skin instantly & Androstenol pheromone that gets u that attraction & romance you need. There’s more, you’ll also get; VS Makeup “Baked mineral bronzing powder or Loose bronzing powder”, Beauty Rush® Luminous Bronzer baked powder, Clarins Delicious self tanning cream with an irresistible caramel scent or Victoria’s Secret® Mega bronze tan-boosting powder bronzer.

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