Suit Yourself with Modern Furniture from B&B Italia

Modern living room furniture from BB Italia 07


When you think about contemporary furniture, what do you think of? Odd-shaped, low-slung chairs that are a challenge to get into or out of? Objects that look like loveseats or couches — or then, again, maybe not? Take heart. Some modern furniture was, indeed, made that way in the recent past; today’s versions, however, take their cue from a more relaxed “vibe” and are made not only to look sleek, but to be absolutely livable. This selection of new living room furnishings from B&B Italia is a good example. From sofas to sectionals, to individual chairs and ottomans, there’s a wide range of individuality within “contemporary” style. Choose from charcoal-shaded couches and chairs, trimmed with elegant wood or white metal; loungers with open-weave backs whose complementary pillows have a lighter, airier feel or, of course, the classic neutral-toned sofa with chrome legs, almost a” trademark” of a modern interior.


In contrast to the expected neutrals of sand, gray, or cream, however, contemporary living room furniture has also broken out of a restricted palette. If you love purple and red, you can have them — together — on a sofa that “pops” against white walls. Relax on a deep blue sectional with light blue accents, and you’ll get a whole new appreciation for how “neutral” true color can be. True neutrals are even spiced up a bit, as with a sand or gray couch with sharp black trim. And don’t forget fabric and texture choices: fur-covered chairs are a popular fun accent…as well as the time-honored classic leather couch. So if your living room could use a bit of a facelift, consider some contemporary styles; you’ll be pleased with both the colors and the comfort available.











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Written by Janet Butler

Janet W. Butler is a freelance writer, editor, and editorial consultant by day and a “small soprano” by night. An RWA Golden Heart Winner, she is the author of the inspirational romance From the Ashes (“the best little book no one’s ever heard of”), published by SANDS Publishing in 2001; and a romantic suspense, Voice of Innocence, from Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a Chicago native transplanted to northeast Indiana, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and Cassandra “Trouble” Butler, S.R.C. (Spoiled Rotten Cat).

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