Stylishly Remodeled Nichols Canyon Residence With Commanding Views

Stylishly Remodeled Nicols Canyon Residence with Commanding Views 3


Centered on a powerful visual connection to the surrounding landscape of Nichols Canyon in LA, California, this residence- borrowing its location’s name- celebrates the blessed natural topography. Re-imagined by Steven Kent Architects, this contemporary Hollywood Hills home follows the original footprint of the building. Materials used for the façade reflect a combination of textures that shape an intriguing volumetric architecture. Constantly reminding passers-by of the right of privacy, the imposing front façade also welcomes guests with a clean, sleek appeal. Praising the natural light by displaying floor-to-ceiling windows that separate cozy interiors from the revealing outdoors, this inspiring home was beautifully adapted to its surroundings. Deep hardwood ipe overhangs mirror the deck which is built with the same type of wood, while lights pierce the dark to punctuate the minimalist architectural lines. At night, the home sparkles in between hills, proudly displaying its luminous modern design. An outdoor lounge with pool and spa are easily accessible from the first floor via large sliding doors, offering panoramic views of the canyon and a relaxation platform also suited for entertaining.


An open kitchen placed in a cozy nook below the mezzanine level reveals the need for a comfortable atmosphere in such an imposing double-height great room. The dining table accommodating 6 people occupies the space between the dark and light kitchen and luxurious living room lined with grey maple floors. Here, a tall smooth stucco fireplace throws firelight against the glazed walls, creating a serene environment where romance undoubtedly follows. A floating steel stair leads up to the second floor master bedroom and bath that showcase the same natural color palette and textures seen downstairs. Grey maple floors, along with brown hues and wenge cabinets in the bedroom and honed marble in the bathroom reflecting the same choice in the kitchen compose a perfect closing of the design circle. Seamlessly flowing from one space to the next, basked in natural light and views of the surroundings, owners get to experience tranquility and a sense of belonging.










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