Stylish Wall Stone Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

We all know the usual wall treatments; painting, wallpaper and wall fabric. Now there is a fourth solution to cover an interior wall: the stones. Not just for outdoors, stone walls are a very elegant covering that brings a real personality to the room. The stone is a mineral product, very solid and very natural, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The gypsum stone models are lighter, cheaper but more fragile. There are also natural stones, more prestigious, but only offered in large formats and does not have the immediate patina that can be given to industrial stones. Because stones are very thin, it is not necessary to modify the structure of openings (doors and windows) or the decor that goes around. They can be installed on any surface: drywall, cement plaster, paneling, fiberboard, cellular concrete and even on an old tile by adding a resin grip. The stone wall is suitable for many interior decorations.

For a classic interior, it can be treated in a conventional manner to give the impression that a wall was built in natural stone, with antique furniture and a traditional floor. But it also can be used for a more contemporary atmosphere, combined with glass, metal, or concrete for example. The result is then very interesting because it will bring warmth to a room that otherwise might have looked cold. The stone is ideal for an interior relook; in general, we just do one wall. This is quite enough to completely change the look of the place. You may be surprised if you know that this superb wall covering is easy to do and that you can do it yourself without help! Using a serrated spatula, coat the wall with tile adhesive, which is known as “sticky”, about m² per m², then put the stones one by one by pushing them slightly into the coating. The bigger the stones, the faster you finish. The sheets being irregular, as it is the stone’s nature, they support well the small defects of installation which may even add charm to the whole. After letting it dry for one to two hours, rub the stone’s surface with a wire brush to remove any excess and to smooth the joint.

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