Stylish Geometric Carpet Designs for Modern Interiors

Want to add an original & fashionable look to your interior? Using one of the most important accessories which are carpets, you can simply add this attractive contemporary look. Follow this post to see 5 stylish carpet models using geometric shapes in a pretty decorative way. With triangle motifs forming a gradation of blue color; the first model is bringing a fresh & lively look to the living room with its oceanic colors and play of volumes, it looks contemporary yet soothing. The retro round & oval shapes are coming back; decorating this carpet in black & white in a very fashionable look is able to match with any modern interior and with any furniture colors. Not only in living rooms; geometric carpet designs could be perfect for teenager rooms, hallways, dining rooms or any other rooms; it will add a contemporary & minimalist ambience enriching your interior decoration .

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0290017104547344 c2 photo oYToyOntzOjE6InciO2k6NjU2O3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NToid2hpdGUiO33 tapis geometrique

0290017104547344 c2 photo oYToyOntzOjE6InciO2k6NjU2O3M6NToiY29sb3IiO3M6NToid2hpdGUiO31 tapis geometrique

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