Stylish Eve Wedding Guide: Wedding Bouquets and Flowers

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After the glory of the rings, the stress of the dress, and the fun of the cake, you don’t want to choose a wedding bouquet that crashes when you toss it to the eager hopefuls. Our collection of floral styles, colors, and moods are meant to send the bride-to-be (or her mother) straight to the florist for flowers the bride will be proud to carry and hopefuls will want for more than symbolic value. Who knows? We may become a reality show: “Replicate the Wedding Bouquet.” Synopsis: Desperate florists visit vendors at sunrise then frantically drive their assistants and ribbon cutters as they strive to re-create Stylish Eve’s superb wedding bouquets to the satisfaction of judges who are …Bridezillas!


To create a couture bouquet for yourself and comparable flowers for your bridesmaids, start with colorful sunflowers, daffodils, or orchids. Add personality with extra baby’s breath or scented tulips, and finish with an exquisite bow in color (or two colors). Use the same flowers and ribbons to make wrist corsages for your bridesmaids or wreaths for their hair, if they will be escorted down the aisle. (If your groom will have his supporters beside him at the altar before the procession begins, then your attendants will want bouquets, of course… Gotta have something to do with those hands!) A do-it-yourself bouquet design contest might be an exciting activity for a bridal shower. If you go with classic white for your own bouquet, customize it with scented flowers such as jasmine, gardenia, or tuberose or use miniature tree branches of lilac, magnolia, or apple blossom. Accessories other than bows will also make your bouquet uniquely personal. How do you want to enjoy beautiful flowers on your beautiful day? We hope our wedding bouquet guide has encouraged your ideas. [Image Source: Bella Pictures]
























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