Stylish Eve Now Available on Tablets and Mobile Phones!

Mobile Announcement Stylish Eve


Get ready Stylish Eve fans for our exciting announcement! Are you ready? Stylish Eve has gone mobile! That’s right readers, from today on you can pull up on your smartphone, iPod, iPad, or other tablet and see it in a way that is perfect for your device. Visiting has always been available through any source, so what’s different? With this new development, when you use your mobile phone or tablet to visit the site, you will now be able to find what you are looking for in a much easier and faster way since it’s now properly optimized to display correctly on your device.

With a smartphone, the layout will appear a bit different than the one you will see on a tablet, or computer. Instead of the typical homepage layout, it has a long list of the homepage articles, and a drop down box that allows you to quickly choose your favorite category. The tablet version looks more familiar, because it’s quite similar to what you’re used to on your computer. Although it’s a bit more condensed, the buttons are still in all the same places making navigation a breeze. Don’t just trust us to tell you that it looks good though, go look for yourself and tell us what you think, because your opinion is always what counts!

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