Stylish Black Kitchen Inspirations

Black Kitchen Inspirations

For autumn & winter 2011/2012, black is moving into the kitchens to offer them a very chic and trendy style. Used in touches or for a total look, the black color beautifies the kitchen decoration. Here are some ideas for kitchens where black is the master color. The mix between black and white will never end! These two colors give the kitchen a visual contrast that highlights each piece of furniture. To soften this effect, you can opt for a third color such as taupe or gray. If you got used to mix white with light wood to give a Scandinavian style to the kitchen, you should know that wood marries perfectly with black furniture as well. The kitchen then takes the Scandinavian character while keeping a good luminosity through the woods. For a touch of glamour with modernity, combine very glossy black furniture with red wall or accessories. These two colors are not just very fashionable & up-to-date but they will also offer an explosive mixture that will spice up your kitchen. If the dark interiors scare you a little, you can also choose very dark wood kitchen to give a black appearance to the wall while keeping lighter few shades; in this case the kitchen color will change according to the brightness of the room. Remember that black is perfect to bring a modern touch to a kitchen decoration even if it is rather classic. Even the retro style, which is so trendy, depends a lot on dark shades of black; so by adding few touches of black to your kitchen, you create in it a contemporary ambience that’s very fashionable and very elegant.

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