Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Fantastic Lip Art Design by Laura Jenkinson

Lip Art Design by Laura Jenkinson4


Lip art design is catching on and you may well have come across it before. At Stylish Eve we have been following this design trend for quite some time, and we were delighted to make contact with the lip artist, Laura Jenkinson, in person. We explained to her that we had received such a brilliant response when we ran a previous article on lip art design and that many of our followers had asked us if there was any chance of Laura doing a step-by-step guide to help them out. Well we were thrilled when Laura published a pictorial guide and we are delighted to be able to bring it to you here as well. We have a sneaky suspicion that with our first post on lip art receiving nearly eighteen thousand ‘likes’ in under a month, this is going to be an even more popular post.


The design Laura chose to ‘deconstruct’ is called Minion, and what has really impressed us is the way she has now shown us that if we look at the lip art as a creation process in stages, we can be more confident that we could do it ourselves. Unfortunately it is often the case you see something, think to yourself “I could never do that” and give up. Laura has made sure that while her lip art looks technically challenging, it is far from impossible for anyone with a steady hand to do. As we get the chance to see the ‘bare bones’ of this lip art style, it is rather encouraging to see that a rich and colorful design can come from a simple black-and-white outline, or should that be black-and-pink? Whichever way you look at it, we think it is really clever and whether you do it on yourself, or if you have children you think would love this type of art, at least you now know exactly how to do it, thanks to Laura.




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