Spring/Summer Modern Decoration Ideas

If you are obsessed with decoration and you usually like to change your interior style every season; then take a look at this collection of interior decoration for spring presented by the English company Designer Guild. The collection is based on two main ideas; combining modern furniture with classic environment and playing with colors to create a cheerful color palette expressing perfectly the spring coming. Wallpapers with classic motifs are used in joyful colors to bring the springy feeling into the house, with colorful curtains that some designs look like a beautiful garden with an adorable flowery ambiance. Furniture looks so cool in simple & modern designs contrasting with classic walls and accessories like chandeliers and fireplaces. Some furniture also came colorful in colors matching with wallpapers and curtains, while in other furniture the designer simply used pure white which looks pretty with any other color. Those designs could inspire you if you are looking for a cheerful, colorful and flowery atmosphere in your house reminding you of spring’s beauty. People who have a passion for decorating may enjoy this interior design degree online resource. It is fun for people like us to read and dream about design and decorating.

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