Special First Moments Between a Mother and Her Newborn Child [Video]

Magic Moment Between a Mother and her Newborn

Though none of us will ever remember being born, we all know that for any baby it is a remarkably traumatic experience. Having spent nine months growing in a warm, safe, cozy and quiet environment, all that changes in the space of a couple of minutes. Where once it was dark, now there are really bright lights everywhere. Before there was calm and quiet, but this is all replaced with jostling, pulling and pushing, and lots of people talking. Add the final shock of going from a lovely warm womb to a not so warm hospital ward, and your reaction as a newborn is totally understandable. We don’t blame you for screaming the house down and truth be told, if we were in your place, we would do exactly the same, only louder. Being born is no joyride, but more a trip on a very high big dipper.

However our Stylish Eve followers can witness something quite remarkable, something incredibly touching, and something very memorable. In the midst of all the upheaval and crisis, this little baby is placed against their mother’s face and just allowed to feel her warmth. After a short while it becomes apparent the baby senses the security and safety of its mother, and begins to calm down. This is not a five minute process, this all take place in a matter of a few seconds, which just goes to show how incredibly powerful instinct and human nature are. Of course bonding and comforting is a two-way stretch, so those anxious moments a mother has just after the birth of her child are instantly quashed with the touch of her newborn child against her cheek. It is moments like these that make you stop and realize just how precious life really is.

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