Space-Saver Sofas for Small Apartments

Whether you live in a large apartment or in a studio, the sofa is a must because it will be used to receive, relax, watch television and sometimes it’s even used to sleep. Small interior spaces need to choose the most practical & space-saver sofa design to avoid crowding & clutter. Here are some interesting ideas to save space using small yet comfy sofa designs; check them out. If you have limited space, it is sometimes useful to combine the bed with the couch. For this, there are many models available of the sofa bed. The sofa can have one person on the traditional sitting plus a second bed hidden underneath the seat in a drawer; this is ideal when you do not have enough space to fold out the sofa. You will also find many smart sofa designs that turn into a bed to fit the configuration of studios. A contemporary sofa with clean lines, to take little space, is transformed into a double bed at night. You can even store the sheets in a drawer under the seat. If your space is very limited, try to choose a space-saver sofa in compact lines. You can go for a sofa that looks like two armchairs rather than a sofa. Get a practical one without sacrificing the cozy comfort of the couch. A bench is also a very nice solution; it’s a simple seat that can be easily folded to form a bed. Always focus on sofas in compact lines and choose the ones with narrow armrests in order to win space and not clutter the room with a useless item. Finally, if the sofa is not a priority in your home, you can also choose an armless sofa like a kind of foamed seats that can serve as both a couch and extra bed.

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 1

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 2

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 3

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 4

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 5

Space Saver Sofa Models for Small Apartments 6

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