Sorgente Bathtub With Modern and High Tech Design

teuco high tech bathtub

Sorgente by Lenci Design is a very creative design for a bathtub that looks like a pool rather than a tub. Thanks to its luxurious design, the bathtub can be integrated aesthetically in any decoration style, Customizing it is possible through different types of coatings whether the ones offered by the producer or according to your place’s decorating style. Sorgente allows a complete immersion with the depth of 55 cm and the absence of overflow in the tub. Immersion in Sorgente is deeply rejuvenating because it provides a contact with lightly salted water. This bath provides the visual effect and sound of a true water fountain without putting a limit to the flow of water. The oval tub, which is built in a large rectangle in the ground, is available with or without lateral areas (40 and 70 cm) and complementary elements forming a false floor (stone or wood effect). A water circulation system is in a closed circuit with overflow effect, level control and automatic filling. Sorgente is equipped with eight hydromassage jets (Hydrosilence), submerged spot, magnetic headrest, flexible retractable hand shower and hose water supply in the handle. It also has cartridge filtration and chemical salt treatment whether manual or automatic.

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