Some Dogs Just Hate Bath Times [Video]

Dogs just dont want to bath

They say you can lead a horse to water bit you can’t make it drink. Perhaps you should add that you can lead a dog to water but you can’t make it take a bath. It is an unfortunate fact of life, but just occasionally your dog will probably need a bath. Now here some people are definitely luckier than others. If you are like me, you belong on the unfortunate side. In fact my dog hates water so much that if it starts to ran she runs for cover and won’t come out until it stops. As for getting her near the bath, well that almost requires a sedative from the vet. Don’t ask me why she hates water, she just does. It is of some little comfort to me however to know that I am far from alone with this predicament, and that some of you are even brave enough to record these instances of rebellion and defiance for all the world to see. Oh how I feel your pain and frustration when underneath it all, you are only trying to do your dog a kindness, and make them smell a little nicer too!

What took me a little bit by surprise though is that there was a Labrador – a breed famous for loving water – who clearly was going against the grain. The dogs with shorter hair I understand, I think that generally these dogs have more sensitive skin and they just feel totally uncomfortable when immersed in water. Some of the smaller dogs I sense just have an antagonistic nature and if you wanted to stop them jumping in the bath they would do it just to spite you! I was amazed to see the two dachshunds unable to contain themselves at the prospect of having a bath; this is definitely behavior that is not true to form. And our favorite dog has to be what we think was a young Pyrenean Mastiff which decided his water bowl wasn’t a water bowl at all, but instead was a bath!

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