Soliders Touchingly Reunited with their Four-Legged Best Friends [Video]

Soliders with their Best Four Legged Friends Dogs

There is no question that a dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and here we have more proof for you. It is very easy to forget with all the emotional upheaval of leaving your wife and family behind when you go on deployment, that there are less obvious members of the family who will miss you too. Unsurprisingly, some dogs create a stronger attachment to their owners than others, and of course they just don’t understand why someone is there one day, and then gone the next. Dogs have no concept of time – that is a human attribute – so a month or six months is the same to a dog – a very long time without seeing someone. Perhaps it is only on your return that you realize just how strong the bond between man and dog really is. Clearly we have some unbreakable bonds here too.

With all the tail wagging and squealing going on, many of these dogs are clearly beside themselves with joy. It is impossible not to smile when you see such unbridled happiness released in such a natural way. From being ambushed in the front yard to a surprise entrance inside the house, each and every one of these dogs was definitely unprepared for the moment. If any of these dogs were cool they lost it the moment they heard and saw their previously absent master. However, do spare a thought for the person who had been looking after them for the previous months. The dogs got fed, watered, walked and loved by that person, and in return the outpouring of love is reserved solely for someone who wasn’t even there to do any of those things!

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