Soldiers Meeting their Newborn Children for the Very First Time [Video]

Soldiers Meeting their Newborn Children for the Very First Time

We have just published a post on soldiers being greeted by their dogs when returning from deployment. It is fair to say those welcome home moments were a great deal more boisterous than these more tender and delicate ones shared between mum, dad and their newborn child. It is hard to imagine what it must be like for both the mother and the father to be apart during such a special time. While some fathers choose not to be physically present at the birth of their children, they certainly want to be within shouting distance and to be able to hold their child shortly after it has been born. To be stationed thousands of miles away and totally helpless cannot be an easy feeling for any man, whether he is doing his duty for his country or not. It is an unfortunate fact of life that forces fathers are often absent at crucial moments, but as we can see, they sure know how to make up for it.

You only have to look at the faces of these soldiers to know they have a heart as soft as yours or mine. While on active service they haven’t got time to be soft and sentimental, but who can’t help but melt and fall in love with their child the first time they set eyes on them. Does it matter if it is six months after the birth – clearly not to the babies? They have a new friendly face to look at and someone new to make a big fuss of them. What’s not to smile about under those circumstances? And don’t forget the mom’s too, as for some of them, they weren’t a mom when their husband was deployed, so this is all new territory for them too. What was very clear to all of us though is that each and every baby in this collection was going to be spoiled rotten with all the love they were about to be given.

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