Sofia Vergara New Hair Color 2013

Sofia Vergara New Hair Color 2013 1

The “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara has dyed her long brunette hair blonde!!! Yes, ladies, the Colombian actress has definitely done that. Why? When? How did we know about this drastic makeover? Aren’t these the questions that you’re about to ask us? Yeah! Hmm… Let me answer them. Concerning the second question; when? Vergara debuted this new hair color by posting a picture of herself on her Twitter account a few days ago, and along with this picture she tweeted, “Blond ambitions!! Gracias to the amazing Kelly Klain I’m ready for summer!”

Oh! Yes, ladies, that’s how we knew about her makeover, via Twitter! Okay, it seems that you’ve figured out the answer of the third question, what about the first one? ….. Answer it myself?! OK. Sofia has decided to welcome the upcoming summer season of 2013 by going back to light blond tresses. Going back?! Aha, going back, don’t you know that our beloved superstar is naturally blonde?! Yes, she is! Anyway, my precious readers! Now, tell us: What do you think of the actress’s newly lightened locks? Do you like or dislike them?!

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