SoCoo’c Kitchen Collection for 2012

SoCoo’c presents its 2012 catalog of kitchen trends that combine both practicality and contemporary style to satisfy all your needs. All you have to do is to choose between a colorful kitchen or a more natural one, a standard one or even with special equipment. Here we present you a selection of SoCoo’c 2012 kitchen designs. If you want an original kitchen for a loft spirit, you can opt for a model from SoCoo’c new kitchens in a natural style combined with contemporary lines. The grayed wood will bring a stylish industrial style. If you need a family kitchen style, SoCoo’c also offers some spacious kitchen models in which the meeting points are multiplied. You will find that the family kitchen at SoCoo’c is always equipped with at least 2 seating areas like a bar and a dining table for example to gather the family around delicious meals in the warm atmosphere of the kitchen.

For a feminine ambience in the kitchen, SoCoo’c offers very charming kitchen models; for example the purple kitchen design in which different shades of plum and sweet lilac were combined to create a very attractive look is one of my favorite kitchen decorating ideas at SoCoo’c. If you prefer a more minimalist kitchen design, you will find at SoCoo’c many models that will please you. SoCoo’c black &white kitchens designed in very sleek lines and clean details are a good example for contemporary yet practical kitchen designs. SoCoo’c kitchen collection also includes some unique designs where the minimalist touch is respected while remaining on a soft natural ambience. Those kitchen models are characterized by a clear minimalist design decorated by subtle colors inspired by nature like oak and taupe; the result is very esthetic.

If you like the pop kitchen decorations, SoCoo’c will satisfy your desire with colorful kitchen models in which the modern designing in lacquered finishes is boosted by some tangy & fresh colors like the apple green kitchen model in the pictures below. Besides kitchen designs, SoCoo’c 2012 collection includes as well a variety of separate kitchen furniture and practical kitchen accessories that would be very helpful if you decide to create your own customized kitchen design. You can create a really functional kitchen with accessories of your choice. Also you can select the stove type you want to add to your worktop as well as choosing the decorative touch you want to add to your backsplash. To make your life easier, SoCoo’c presents many helpful & space-saver kitchen solutions such as the suspended bar to set utensils, the cabinets that open upward and to use the entire space of the bottom cupboards, you will find sliding trays that provide access to products that are in back of closet.

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 01

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 02

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 03

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 04

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 05

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 06

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 07

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 08

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 09

SoCooc New Kitchen Collection for 2012 10

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