So Adorable 6 Month-Old Baby in Swimming Pool [Video]

Swimming 6 Month Old Baby

Ask us what the video is about and we will tell you, it is about a baby swimming with her mother. Ask us what is remarkable about her swimming and we will tell you “not much” aside from the fact she is a 6-month-old baby who seems very comfortable being in a swimming pool. It is also very clear that her mum is having a great time too. So what is so special about this video? Well we recommend you watch it and then you will be able to answer that question for yourself. To give you a clue, there are certain celebrities in the film world who they say can ‘open’ a film. That is to say that it doesn’t really matter what the film is about, they are a sufficient box office draw people will want to see the film regardless.

Well this young girl can certainly ‘open’ a video, that’s for sure. She is the funniest, cutest, sweetest and adorable baby girl all rolled in to one that you are likely to see in a long time. She is most definitely 100% photogenic and definitely not camera shy, that is for sure. Not only that, but she also seems to have a great love for water and enjoying herself with her mother. There are no tears, no tantrums, just lots of fun and splashing around, and two very happy people. The burning question now is whether this young girl is destined to become an Olympic swimmer, or a star of the large screen. Only time will tell.

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