Snooki New Hair Color 2012

Snooki New Hair Color 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Snooki’s new hair locks! Yup, the new mom has opted for a drastic makeover too! What has she done? The reality TV star has done nothing but ditch her long dark and blue highlighted hair for a fiery red one. I know that you’re about to tell me; “Isn’t it the second time that she opts for the color red in 2012?!” Okay, give me a few seconds to remember and answer this question! My precious readers, you’re so right; Nicole Polizzi has been seen earlier this year wearing red hair. So what’s the difference? The only difference is that this time she’s opted for a more flaming, and let’s say hotter, shade of this color and nothing more.

Anyways, you need to know that the “The Three Stooges” actress has revealed this new color since a few weeks ago. Where?! Women, what a question? Of course, she’s done like any star does nowadays and posted a picture of this new look on her Twitter account. Not just so, but she’s also expressed her happiness with it tweeting; “Love you boo, fab job as always! Xoxoxo @bradleystylenyc” By the way, boo is her hairstylist Bradley Moreland. Now, we can wish you a gorgeous, amazing life and say goodbyes. Just don’t forget to tell us; what do you think of Snooki’s new locks?!






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