Smart Storage Ideas for the Garage Space

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The potential storage of the garage should not be underestimated; out of season stuff, gardening accessories, craft and even laundry room can easily find a place in the garage in order to free living areas. Still, you need to apply a few golden rules to maximize the space and so get a very functional place. The first idea that helps to optimize the storage space is using modular furniture that fit the size of the content. The shelves fixed on racks are a clear example; they depend on the size of stuff you want to store like plants and garden accessories for example in the picture, because every inch counts when it comes to storing large quantities. Another solution is using the ceiling space to get rid of bulky accessories for the most benefit from all the space for storage. Metal bars, hooks and ropes; that’s all what it takes to hang a wind surfing, a stool or garden furniture to the ceiling. After using the ceiling space, now it’s time for walls! We start by everything that helps in maximizing & freeing the space on the floor. Walls are also perfect places to store heavy things like an ironing bar, bike, hoses, rakes and many other stuff. For a garage that’s in the first place functional where we quickly find what we are looking for, it is necessary to override the order and storage. The mess happens when we store in the garage all those stuffs in which the utility is not daily and accumulate it without classifying. Each section of the wall and shelf must be associated with a very specific area, the laundry area, cleaning products, crafts and food, even to label everything; this really saves time. For more clarity and practicality, it is essential that the storage be pressed against the wall, as if they marked the perimeter of the space. Avoid placing furniture and accessories in the middle of the garage because we don’t want to take away this surface from its primary function: get the car inside whenever we want.

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