Smart Ideas to Delimit Interior Spaces

Interior Spaces

Sometimes, in our interiors, spaces are not delimited the way we wish; other times when we think that the space of a room is relatively large; we often think in using it for double purposes (living room plus workplace, bedroom & dressing, bedroom & nursery, etc.). We don’t have to build walls or change the entire layout of the room to get double functions in it, in fact; using some easy yet practical ideas, we can simply delimit the spaces with minimum cost and minimum effort. Need more inspiration? Here are few examples to help you. Having a real dressing area in the bedroom is not the impossible, even when the bedroom is small! The proof is in the picture below. With a high storage unit acting as partition wall installed behind the headboard of the bed; it isolates a separate area specialized for the wardrobe so the bedroom here combines two major roles: a sleeping area plus a dressing room; very functional & useful for small apartments.

The furniture arrangement is sometimes enough to mark out the border between two distinct spaces. For example, in the living room if you want to separate the TV area of the reading corner, you can simply place two sofas back to back to isolate the two areas without breaking the vision. If your two kids are sharing the same bedroom, you still can offer each one of them a little bit of separation and privacy. If they are still kids, it’s enough to separate their beds by customizing the walls behind the beds in different character for each, or to write each child’s name on its part behind his bed or even on the closet’s door that belongs to him. If we are talking about teenagers, they will need more privacy; so we need to delimit the spaces in their bedroom using more separating element; a curtain is an excellent solution because it will offer each one of them the privacy & intimacy by closing it in case of need while not actually separating space between them so they can chat and have fun together most of the time.

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