Smart Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Having an office area to work at home whenever you want, is a nice thing; but the ability to remove it from the field of vision once the work is completed, is even better! With clever ideas illustrated in this post, discover how to create a comfortable workspace at home in any discretion without losing but a minimum of space. Your living room or bedroom wall has a recess? Use this very ingenious trick! All you need is to take all measurements (length and width) to accommodate a small office secretary in this almost hidden space and then install at the ceiling sliding blinds to disappear the workspace in a moment. If you are confused between the desire to optimize the space under the stairs by installing an office area and the fear that it looks unattractive, here’s an idea to inspire you! Three wall mounted shelves, the second is wider than the first in order to install some decorative items and a final smaller one, equipped with an integrated drawer. When you need to work, you only need to install your equipment on the largest shelf, and store the necessary tools in your drawer. Visually, no one will suspect that this decorative space is actually your office! Another creative idea: a few steps from the kitchen, a storage unit hides the office area. It seems a simple wardrobe, however, by opening the doors of the closet, you will be surprised to find that the middle drawer turns into an office and the storage space is all dedicated to work: printer, folders, files and books.

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