Smart Home Office Designs for Small Spaces

Smart Home Office Designs for Small Spaces

A workplace in the house is always a good idea as most of us usually need to accomplish some unfinished work at home besides those who already work from home. It is of course great to have a special room dedicated to a home office area, but with recent houses where space is quite limited, the home office is not lucky enough to have a special room. Here comes the time for creative solutions to find a place in any room that can host a small home office in a decorative way without cluttering the space. If a home office is necessary for you but you can’t find a place in your small interior for it, follow this post to learn about more than 20 clever design ideas that help you install a comfortable home office in a minimum of space.

Since your home interior is already small and you don’t want your workplace to occupy but a tiny space, you must look for any solution that saves space. First of all, look for a wall recess in any room—this recess can be a perfect place for your home office. If you don’t have any wall recesses, you may need to install your home office in a corner; look for a non-used corner in the living room, the hallway or even the bedroom. Sometimes, there is free space between two big pieces of furniture like two closets for example or between two close walls; don’t hesitate to benefit from such space by installing a small home office. Another smart solution is to create your workplace inside the bookcase if it has enough size; this way the home office will be part of this library. Also, never forget to use the space under the stairs (if you have); this space is often ideal to turn into a comfortable home office that will offer you a tranquil place for working while saving space.

A small home office can also find its place inside your bedroom if the space of the latter allows; it may be a perfect place for a cozy home office thanks to the quite & calm ambience of the bedroom. Once you find the perfect place for your small home office, it’s time to furnish it; remember: it doesn’t have to be big but has to be functional, so focus on essentials. Get a practical desk that doesn’t occupy but a small space; a folding desk will be ideal in this case as you can fold and hide it when the office is not in use. After installing the desk, you’ll probably need some shelves and racks to store your files and equipment; for this, focus on wall shelves and try to maximize the vertical surface as you already have a problem considering the floor space so use the wall to the maximum. Because the most important element in office decoration is to be as comfortable as possible, make your small home office comfortable for your eyes. That means not to overload it with furniture or unnecessary objects; make it as simple as possible to keep on the decorative side that is a very important factor.








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