Small Kitchen Designs

If you have a small kitchen, then don’t worry about designing it. Many kitchen designs are presented nowadays especially for small kitchens with amazing design ideas that are suitable for various spaces no matter how small they are. The pictures presented here will definitely inspire you with many styles and decorations to choose the one that goes with your preference and that can be done in your own kitchen. The key idea is about utilizing the space, never waste any area or corner, it’s just about how to use these spaces in a smart way that allows you to benefit from them. An open kitchen is always an amazing idea in small apartments because it doesn’t occupy much space, and you can install it in any corner of the house that you find suitable. Kitchen cabinet sets are the first thing to think about, they are the first to be installed in the kitchen, and they allow you to store all your kitchen stuff without making a mess. Install wall and base cabinets in the size that you want, and according to the space that you have, you can make the cabinet set take the dimensions of your walls to utilize it totally. If your space is really small, you can put your kitchen appliances in between your cabinet set including the refrigerator, the cooker, or maybe the sink. You can also remove a cabinet or two and add a stove, dishwasher, kitchen hood, or microwave to save more space if you don’t need all the number of cabinets available in your set.

Drawers are also very useful in storing various kitchen stuff and utensils, and the best thing is that they don’t occupy a big space; you can have a sink vanity that is composed of several drawers to store whatever you want, for example. Countertops are mostly hard to be found in small kitchens since they take a big space. You can whether add a small countertop that is attached to your cabinets, or maybe for a smart idea you can use the surface of the base cabinets. If you already installed wall and base cabinets on one side of the kitchen, and on another side you have base cabinets, then you have a big horizontal surface that can perfectly act as a countertop, in this case make the surface made of stainless steel or marble because they are the best materials for various kitchen usages. You can choose the cabinets to be made of wood because it is one of the best materials used in kitchens and can bear hard usage. You can go for naturally colored wood in its various tones, or if you want a more unique and different look, you can use lacquered wood that is available in various amazing colors like black, white, red, green, and more. Using glass in cabinets is also great, you can make the door of one or more of the cabinets made of glass to give a chic style and allow you see what’s inside this cabinet, as well.

Adding a small dining set is a really great idea in your kitchen if your space allows, and if you don’t have the required space then you can add some chairs against the countertop to be like a small dining area. Parquet flooring is amazing in kitchens and reflects a luxurious ambiance, but yet another excellent choice is ceramic tiles that can come in various styles, and colors that can be matched with the colors of the kitchen. Another thing that will change the whole look of your kitchen without requiring much space is the backsplash. Backsplashes are now available in an assortment of styles, and colors, and they are even made of different materials like stone, marble, ceramic tiles, wood, or can come in the traditional wall paintings. Match the color of your backsplash with the cabinets or the appliances to add a decorative touch. You can also add more decoration to your kitchen using plants, ceramic crockery, fruits, utensils, and more. Finally, if your kitchen overlooks a nice view, then go for glass windows to enjoy this view and let natural sun light enter the place.

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