Small Apartments

A smart and decorative eye and mind are what you need when you want to design your small or even studio apartment. Putting the right furniture in the appropriate place can really save you space, and along with some decorative touches you get a really beautiful apartment even if space is not on your side. For example, this is an open plan studio apartment where every area was perfectly seized to supply the apartment with all that’s necessary without bulking it up or preventing it from being beautifully decorated. The main space of this studio apartment includes a bed, black sofa, LCD, small high table with two high chairs, and a kitchen. Each piece is placed in the perfect position, the bed is placed beside the sofa in one corner of the room, while the kitchen is installed at the opposite side of the room and the table and chairs are placed near to it. The LCD is placed over a low table opposite to the sofa; the table is divided into sections to store books, magazines, etc. You can see the contrast in color between the white table and the black LCD. Two stacking tables are placed in front of the sofa with a simple green rug under them to give a colorful bright look.

Now about the kitchen, it is installed in an L-shape where you’ll find cabinets, a sink, a cooker with a kitchen hood, a microwave, and a refrigerator. There are lots of drawers and cabinets to store kitchen stuff in a small space without causing a mess. One of the cabinets has a glass door to see through it to easily find what you want. Candles are added in this room on the tables in very chic styles to add a romantic simple touch which shows a high taste. Plants as well have a huge role in decorating this place; you can find different types and sizes of plants all over the place adding that green decorative touch. The bathroom of this apartment is really amazing though its small size, white and grey ceramic tiles are used to cover the walls and floors giving a great color match along with white bathroom sets. You can see a toilet, a bathroom vanity that includes two big drawers for storage, a shower tray enclosed in glass, towel holders, a washing machine, and storage cabinets. Plants are also used in the bathroom to give a decorative touch.

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This is another example of a small apartment where minimalist design is used in furnishing it in a bright, lively, practical yet smart and decorative way. The best color to use in such small places is white, because it widens the space visually and makes it seem more comfortable and chic. White color has another advantage where it matches with almost all colors, if you have a white apartment then you can add any other color in it and it will look perfect. In this apartment, red color was used to add a pop touch that is so lovable nowadays in interior designing. You can see that a corner was used where some shelves were added and two chairs, the wall behind this area was painted in red for an amazing color contrast, this can be considered a working area where you can place your laptop or maybe read a book, and to give a clearer view, spot lights were added in the lower part of the centre shelf to give more lighting in the space where the laptop is added to give a clearer vision.

Red color is also seen in a red sofa placed behind the working area, and a dining set is also available using wooden upholstered chairs in red color. An American kitchen is installed in a decorative manner beside the dining set including a sink, cooker with a hood, refrigerator, and cabinets for storage. Plants play a great role in decorative this place, you can see plant pots put in different parts for a nice decoration. The bathroom is comes divided into two parts, a small place includes the toilet only that comes in white like the wall behind it, while the rest of the walls come in black color giving an amazing color contrast that look so chic. Another room includes the sink with cabinets under it for storage, and towel holders, then this small space opens to another one that includes a wall mounted shower faucet and wooden flooring, and this area has its own door for privacy.

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