Small Apartment

Small apartments have been the topic of the hour for quite a while till now, many people can only afford buying a small apartment and then they face the problem of designing or furnishing it to get the best result while getting all that they would need at the same time. Since many people have discussed that issue a lot, furniture manufacturers have taken much care of that matter and started presenting different designs made especially for small apartments with smart and practical ideas that pleased everyone. Different smart apartments are going to be shown here to inspire you with various ideas to design your little space efficiently while keeping on the decorative side. This is a very small apartment that was designed in a cheerful lively way that utilized the space well. Since the space is small, white color was mainly used for the walls, doors, and ladder to widen the space. Parquet flooring is used in light wood color to reflect a chic look. A small white sofa is placed at one corner of the room with black and printed pillows to give it some contrast and prevent it from looking so plain, a small wooden table, and a green shag rug is placed under the table to reflect a colorful ambiance.

You can also see a very small white dining set including a small table and two chairs that come in the minimalist style in a very chic way. In addition, a black LCD is placed on a small black table where both of them look very bold and make the timeless contrast between black and white. Plants add a very nice touch to the place. A small table and a desk chair are also found in this place to finish your work or put your lap top, the chair comes in a very eye catchy black and white zebra print that matches very well with the white surroundings. Since the ceiling of this apartment is relatively high, an elevated level is used smartly where the bed is added in a high elevation that could be reached through a ladder, very smart and doesn’t occupy much of the room’s space. A holder is placed near the door of the apartment to hand your clothes in a neat organized way.

A small kitchen is included in the space having the American kitchen style; almost everything that you might need in a kitchen is available. One side includes a sink, cooker, hood, refrigerator, and cupboards for storage. Opposite to them you can see other cupboards for more storage having a wooden surface that maybe can be used as a countertop for various kitchen purposes. Marble is also used to cover the outer upper surface of the kitchen to give it a chic look and to be suitable for various usages. The window of the kitchen is finished in glass enclosures with whit wooden frames to allow sun light to come through, and the kitchen is decorated using plants and a bowl of colored fruits for a nice touch. Concerning the bathroom, it is totally covered in white tiles to give the feeling of a larger space, it includes a toilet, sink, towel holders, and a wall mounted shower faucet. A small cabinet is mounted on the wall having mirror doors for storage, and for more storage you can see a shelf unit installed above the toilet.

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