Silk Hosiery for Women

Beauty can be found in soft & smooth silk hosiery that are made with delicacy for such delicate women, the most pro about silk that makes it popular & lovable is that it add chic elegance to the lady wearing it, specially that it has its own natural shine or shimmer that will make you glow. Silk hosiery doesn’t just come in silk but it also comes in designs that you rock your outfits & colors that will make you standout in the crowds; extremely unique & stylish prints like animal print, tattoo print & different pattern styles, opaque stockings in black, blue, white & beige or sheer colors with shine for sparkly looking skin. The silk hosiery come in different shapes & heights, like knee high stocking, opaque pantyhose or thigh high stocking with garters or without for sexy spiced up looking legs, & you’ll find some of them come with lace. It’s just the perfect way to walk like a sexy model on a runway.

Silk hosiery 04

Silk hosiery 02

Silk hosiery 05

Silk hosiery 06

Silk hosiery 07

Silk hosiery 08

Silk hosiery 09

Silk hosiery 10

Silk hosiery 11

Silk hosiery 12

Silk hosiery 13

Silk hosiery 14

Silk hosiery 15

Silk hosiery 16

Silk hosiery 17

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Silk hosiery 01

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